Uchiha Madara

Watch your sleep

A well-suited waiter asks Alok, "Sir would you like order something else"? Vikash said "Yes bring the best ice cream you have in your restaurant. Today this boy should walk an empty pocket from this restaurant". Neha smiled and added "Do not forget guys he has a debit card as well".

Alok begged to everyone in the table "Please guys, they have not confirmed the joining date and you already making me bankrupt. And bye the way Neha, my debit card is monitored by my dad".

6 friends from Adamas university were celebrating the Alok's selection in Microsoft in Bawarchi restaurant. It was Neha's idea to go over there as it was one of the most elegant north Indian food chains.

Everyone on the table was enjoying the last 2-3 bites of Sahi Indian kulfi. The waiter put the bill on a velvet wrapped check presenter. Alok's face became dull and at the same time he realized that he has to use his father's debit card. His father is a Banker. He took his profession too seriously and he never tolerate any luxury in his family. Alok would not be able to avoid the mess waiting for him at home.

When he reached his home, there was already a round table meeting going on. His father shouted at him, "We are from the middle-class family you idiot. You have a sister. If you want to throw money like that, do it with your own money not mine".

Alok lost control and replied "Why you are being so miser every time. I don't remember you have ever given a gift apart from a pen or book as a birthday present to me or Priya". Priya was Alok's little sister. His mother asked Alok not to argue with his father. His father could not withstand the insult and lifts his arm to slap Alok. His mother resisted him. His father pushes his mother and slapped Alok. All the anger from Alok and his father was gone when they saw Priya started crying looking at their back. There was blood all over the floor. Alok's mother's head was hit very badly on the edge of metal Almirah. It was a very old furniture, which was there for generations. His mother told multiple times to his father to change it but he did not listen. "It is all your fault, it is all your fault", Alok's father shouted. Alok's father tightly grabbed his shoulder and shook it.

"Wake up Alok, wake up.You are being too lazy nowadays". His mother told. For a moment he couldn't understand anything. Then he tightly hugged his mother. "What happened? Is everything all right?", his mother asked.

"Yeah, mom it was bad dream", Alok replied. But wait, what was that?. It was all meaningless I do not have a sister and my father is a businessman. He has a hardware shop and he is very generous as far as the money is concerned and he loves him so much. He thought maybe he is watching too many crime stories.

He laughed, but one thing he should be concerned about. This week companies are coming to his university. He thought "I wish only the getting job in Microsoft part becomes true from this dream". Maybe this is the only relevant part of the dream as he was thinking about the placement now and then.

After 2 weeks the interview day finally came. He got a job at Samsung. Yes it was a good company and he was happy. Dhiraj is the only one from the class who cracked Microsoft. It was always a dream for Alok ,but despite being top 5 in the class he couldn't crack it. Whereas Dhiraj who ranked 8th, left behind everyone. Till now he didn't have that much friendship with him. He had a different group in the class. But Alok thought, he could be a potential connection to Microsoft later on. He can refer Alok after 1-2 years. So he started to chill out with that group. There were some.guys on that group who got in Samsung as well. So it did not become a major challenge for him.

It was a Sunday, Alok got a call from Dhiraj. "I am giving a dinner party tomorrow, you must come". Alok felt a little jealous but agreed. He asked "where are we going?" ."It is on Bawarchi on Elgin street", Dhiraj replied.

Something, like a spark came into his mind. But he couldn't figure out what it is.

Finally the much anticipated evening came.It was a traditional north Indian interior and crafts all over the restaurant. The smell of the food was so awesome that he already started feeling an emptiness inside his stomach. A total of 7 people were invited 5 boys and 2 girls. Alok heard a lot about this restaurant but didn't get a chance to come.

They had a very delicious meal and each menu was finger-licking good. There were so many random discussions going on. Alok was not paying attention to it till now. There was so much noise inside as well due to the long waiting line outside. Suddenly something looks and sounds very familiar to him

A girl from the group said "Do not forget guys he has a debit card as well."

Dhiraj was looking quite tensed. Alok asked him "who is this girl?"

She is "Neha from the CSE department" Dhiraj replied. It was feeling like a Deja Vu to Alok. This has happened to him somewhere. But where he couldn't remember.

On the way home he tried very hard to search every room in his mind. Something he can sense but not able to see. Suddenly one thing popped into his head. He has a habit of making daily notes on his laptop. Maybe he can see something there.

He rushed into his bedroom on the 2nd floor. Yes there it is. It is about two weeks ago. It is the dream that he saw that day. Now he remembers everything. But that dream was about him, how it could be so similar to today's situation. Whatever he saw in that dream was happening to him but the same thing he saw happen to Dhiraj.

He never asked Dhiraj about his family. Alok quickly took the phone from the table and called Dhiraj. He dialed a couple of times but he did not pick up.

Alok became a little worried. He called a couple of mutual friends of him and Dhiraj. they also told that they could not reach Dhiraj.

It is very late now and his home is very far from Alok's home. So he decided on the next morning he will go to Dhiraj's home. Maybe he is overthinking. It may happen they sleep early. On the next morning Alok got a call from Mihir, a mutual friend of both. After a moment Alok was so shocked that he could not say a word on the phone.

What Mihir said to him is exactly what happened in his dream to him. Nothing makes sense. how is this even possible he asked himself multiple times? He also felt sorry for Dhiraj. After 2-3 days he decided to call Dhiraj.

He tried to console him and asked about the current situation of his family. He came to know that his father was taken into custody. So it is a very difficult time for him. Alok could not tell anything about his dream to Dhiraj. He thought probably Dhiraj might think he is trying to be over-smart. He told Dhiraj that the department has announced the last date of submission of the final year thesis.

2-3 hours later Dhiraj called back and asked, "Alok is there any telephone tower from visible from your bedroom window?"

Alok replied "Yes but why?"

Dhiraj again added "Is there anyone in your kitchen right now?"

"Yes my mom is cooking there", Alok said. "I want you all to leave your house right now", Dhiraj shouted.

"But why, can you tell me what's the matter?", Alok asked in shock

Alok could not hear the reply from the other side. Because before that a large explosion from the kitchen punctured his eardrum. And after a few moments he felt that his entire body is burning from the flames. The last thing he saw is every inch of his house was covered with flames and smoke.

The kitchen cylinder exploded for some reason and Alok's entire family was dead due to this incident.

Dhiraj heard the bang sound and the screams from the burn. His eyes were full of tears. If he could make that phone call a few moments ago he could have saved him.

He saw the entire incident happened in his dream today morning.

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