Uchiha Madara

Weary Competition:three friends with their funny quotes

There 3 flat mates. They live on the 50th floor of the building , one day the lift stopped working so they needed to take the stairs .After so many phone calls to the authority the finally gave up and decided to take stairs. To overcome the exhaustion they said they would share the worst thing thing they ever done.

When they were close to the top floor , first friend told here is my worst thing. 

"I overlooked the room enters in the vehicle " 

Clearly they had no real option except to go right down ,exactly when they were going to open the vehicle , the second companion commented 

"I have a significantly bitter a bitter one .... I have the keys in my pocket." 

So well they again begun climbing ,There mind was empty and body was extremely tire extremely close to the top the third friend commented this time 

"Here I  beat u both , I have the most frightening experience ... We are in the wrong building , our own is the nearby one "

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