Mansi  Rana

The Nightmare

It’s her wedding day. She is very happy as she is getting married to her dream guy. The banquet is decorated with white and red roses. It all seems like a dream. She is in her dressing room, getting ready for the big day. Suddenly, she felt a chill in her spine. She turned around and saw an old lady in front of her. The old lady is looking quite scary. She asked what the old lady is doing there. The old lady said,” Don’t you dare to reply the shadows, or you will lose everything.” She didn’t understand what the hell was the lady saying. As she was about to say something, there was a knock on the door. She noticed that there is no one in the room except her. Her bestie entered and said,” Dummy, what are you staring at? Let’s go. It’s time.” She thought that all that happened before was just her imagination.

A year after their wedding, they both shifted to a new place. Their life is peaceful and happy. Their new home is quite big and there’s a weird silence. The house has a rumor that it has something creepy in it and people die mysteriously. It has been three months since they shifted there. One day, she was doing household chores, as usual, suddenly she saw that scary old lady in the lawn. She ran up to her and asked,” Do you live here also?” The lady smirked and said, “It’s about to start, just remember my warning.” She got worried and afraid. ‘It means that I didn’t imagine anything that day.’, she said to herself. She told everything to her husband at night. Her husband laughed and said that this is maybe a prank. At midnight, she felt something in her room. She opened her eyes and saw someone standing beside her husband's legs. It seems like a child. She shouted,” Who’s there?” the figure ran outside the room and she followed it. They both stopped in the hall. The figure turned around; it was a child. Although, she can’t see her clearly. She asked,” What are you doing here? How did you come in?” The child said softly,” Mumma, did you really forget me? Please don’t abandon me.” She replied in shock,” I am not your mom, you must be mistaken.” The child smile wryly and it started laughing loud. The child suddenly disappeared and she heard a voice,” You directly fall into the trap, woman, now get ready for the consequences.” She got afraid and ran towards her room. When she reached there, she saw that her husband was ripping his guts out. She screamed and suddenly woke up. She worriedly looks at her husband and he was sleeping soundly. Such a horrible dream, she sighed.

She didn’t pay any attention to what happened last night. In the afternoon, she was taking a nap when she realized that something was wrong. She can’t breathe properly. When she woke up, she noticed that the room was full of voodoo dolls. She sat up in shock and noticed her surroundings. The room was not looking as usual instead it is looking like an abandoned warehouse. There is some noise coming from the almirah. She stepped out of the bed and walks towards almirah. With shaking hands, she opened the almirah, but there was nothing. But to her shock, the almirah is now looking like a coffin. She heard a voice from behind, it’s the same voice from yesterday’s night. It said,” It’s time to die, woman, you can’t escape from us.” Someone pushed her into the coffin. She screamed, it was dark and suffocating. She thought that she will die here but suddenly she wakes up with a startle. Again, a scary dream, she sighed. But the dream looks quite real.

After this incident, she often has scary nightmares. She always feels that there is always someone watching her. She often sees shadows at night. At night, she often wakes up with a startle and starts screaming. She now looks ill and gloomy. Her face looks pale and she becomes weaker day by day. Her husband got worried about her. She now speaks less and less. One day her husband took her to a doctor. The doctor is a brain specialist. After examining her, the doctor said that she has sleep paralysis and the condition is worsening now. She needs immediate treatment. Her husband agreed to the doctor and the treatment started. After some months of treatment, the paranormal activities stopped. She became livelier and happier. She believed that all that happens just because of her illness. She now doesn’t have any nightmares and the shadows stopped following her.

After a few days, the doorbell rang. ‘It’s 10 am, who will come at this hour’, she thought. When she opened the door, her aunt was standing there. She felt delighted and shocked. She invited her aunt inside. But then she realized that her aunt has long died. She asked shakingly,” Who are you?” Her aunt smiled and said,” It’s time to go, honey, come with me.” She ran towards the door but the door suddenly shuts. When she looks back, she saw that the lady is no more her aunt. The lady was wearing a black gown and her eyes were a deep black. She was shedding bloody tears and there is a dagger in her hands. The lady said,” I will take you with me, you can’t escape from me.” The lady tried to stab her but she dodged and got a deep cut on her hand. The lady pushes her and stabs her again. She closes her eyes and screamed. Suddenly, she woke up shivering. Again, a horrible dream. Did my illness come again? She looked at her arm it was bleeding from the same spot that got stabbed. She got scared and looked at the clock. The clock is striking 10 and the doorbell rings.


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