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Liliana's Atomizer

Its been 10 months since Liliana found out her husband of 25 years had been cheating on her with a much younger woman. He friends and family were shocked. Liliana is 52 and looks much younger. She has a beautiful face, works out and has a toned knock out body. Her beautiful dark brown hair falls just passed her shoulders with the left side tucked behind her ear. Her pretty face is accented by her crystal blue eyes.

No one can understand why her husband, Sam. would ever be so unfaithful. Liliana is the type who does for others. She is very much into nature and taking care of the earth.

Liliana looks into the mirror at herself and cries. " Why did I have to get old and ugly?"

Her daughter Solie walks in to the room to hear her mother's sad comment about herself.

"Mom Stop! You are beautiful!" Liliana turns around and runs her fingers through Solie's long brown hair and then looks into her hazel eyes while touching her pretty face with the other hand. "You are young and pretty and can have your pick of any handsome man." I Am over a certain age and men don't women my age."

Solie takes her mom's hands and holds them. "Mom. I don't think that is true. Dad is an idiot! You are very attractive and a sexy handsome man will come calling before you know it."

Liliana bends over and kisses her daughter on the forehead.

"I don't know what I would do without you."

"Well mom I'm here, always." Why don't you come with me to the Clark's yard sale across the street. They look like they have a lot of neat stuff."

Liliana walks over to the front window and pears out between the white lace curtains.

"The Clarks? I don't know. they seem friendly but have kinda kept to themselves the whole year they have been living there."

Solie lets out a slight chuckle. "What better way to get to know them?" "Come on mom, it will be nice to step out of the house for a bit." Solie smiles at her mother and gestures for her to follow her to the neighbors.

Upon arriving across the street, Liliana sees a long table of varying clothing and hand bags. Solie makes her way to that table and starts rummaging through it. There are smaller tables with glasses, pots and pans and small counter appliances. Liliana's attention is drawn to a small round table with small knick knacks . She sees an elegant and ornate atomizer. This brings to her mind a memory of her grandmother having one with sweet floral scent perfume in it. She observed her grandmother on several occasions squeezing the rubber ball at the side of the bottle and spritzing the perfume on her neck and face. The atomizer Liliana has in her hand has a small amount of perfume in it, She smiles and thinks to herself that the perfume probably doesn't smell as lovely as it once did. Her gaze is interrupted by Mrs. Clark's voice. " That is very special. Believe it or not, the perfume still smells wonderful."

Liliana starts to put the atomizer down but Mrs. Clark stops her. " You know, I wasn't going to let that go to just anyone. I was waiting for the right lady." Liliana feels slightly obligated to buy it even though she has no need for it. She thinks to herself that it wouldn't be very neighborly if she walked away with nothing. She asks Mrs. Clark, "how much?"

Mrs. Clark tips her head slightly to one side and gives a closed mouth smile. " You can have it as a gift from me to you. One neighbor to another."

"Oh um, thank you. I appreciate that." Liliana says whilst thinking about what in the world she is going to do with it. Solie finds some hand bags and gives her money to Mrs. Clark.

The ladies turn to walk back home across the street but Mrs. Clark has one last think to say.

"Liliana, take good care of the atomizer and it will take good care of you."

Liliana gives a polite wave as they cross the street and enter the house. Solie giggles and asks her mother what Mrs.Clark meant by her last comment. Liliana laughs and says,

"I have no idea!" Liliana puts the atomizer on her dresser and that's where it sits for several weeks.

One afternoon, Liliana is alone in the house Solie is away at college and she is feeling particularly lonely. The negative thoughts swarm in her head and she wonders if she will ever feel whole again. She does manage to fix her hair and put on some makeup. She has no idea what a beautiful woman she truly is. She still feels the sting of her soon to be ex husbands betrayal. She walks into her room and the atomizer catches her eye. She stares at it as if it is beckoning her. She picks it up and smells the end of the nozzle. She smells the faint sweet floral scent and finds it to be pleasant of something so old. She puts her index finger and thumb on the ball and squeezes. The perfume sprays on her neck but something else is happening right next to her. Its a white mist but soon it manifests into a very handsome man. He has glisting brown skin and dark brown hair. He is muscular and is shirtless. He wears black work out shorts, He smiles a bright smile and simply says "Hello".

Liliana is startled and almost drops the atomizer on the floor but the man catches it.

"What are you? who are you?" Liliana says with concern.

"I'm whoever you want me to be and you can call me by whatever name you choose."

Liliana looks at him with a bit of confusion. "I don't understand." The man flashes another smile and Liliana cant help but think what an incredibly sexy man he is but reels in her thoughts as a bit to unorthodox.

"You summoned me. I Am at your service ma'am"

"Are you a genie?" Liliana says with curious wonder. The man lets out a laugh and says

" Well something like like except, i don't grant wishes. I'm a teacher, a healer a companion of sorts."

"what does that mean?" she wonders.

The man walks closer to Liliana and caresses her face, then whispers in her ear.

"Such a beautiful woman you are. Now beautiful woman, tell me what name you wish to call me."

Liliana thinks for a moment and the name Carter comes to mind so she tells him she will call him Carter. Carter leans in for a kiss and before she has time to think she is lost in a passionate kiss with him. She completely surrendered to him, The clothes come off and they make passionate love all afternoon. When evening comes they relax in each others arms.Liliana is quite taken aback about what just happened but doesn't seem to mind that she just made love with someone she doesn't really know.

"I cant believe what just happened. I'm not usually this forward with my actions."

Carter kisses her on the forehead as they lay in bed.

"You needed this Liliana. Your husband is such a fool to have treated you with such disrespect."

Liliana sits up abruptly in bed. " I don't think I ever told you my name and how do you know what my husband did?"

" We have bonded Liliana, I know all about you know. Nothing to fear from me I only want to please and help you."

Liliana knows she should feel alarmed but strangely does not. She has a since of calmness and trust toward Carter.

For several weeks straight they make each other laugh. Liliana cant remember laughing so much and being so happy. They spend hours every day making love, stopping for meals, bathing or showering together. Liliana feels comfortable telling him her deepest thoughts and concerns about her life Carter gives his wisdom and helpful advice. Liliana feels as if she is falling in love and allows herself to feel this way even though she shouldn't

On one particular day, as they sit in a bath, the doorbell rings. Liliana grabs a towel and drys her self off quickly and then slides on a pair of brown shorts and black short sleeved shirt. She tells Carter she will be back then goes to the front door. As she opens the door She sees it is Chad Carlson, a local firefighter who is asking for donations for charity. Chad is another handsome man. He has light brown hair and brown eyes.and a golden tan. He wears jeans and a white t-shirt displaying the sybol of his firehouse. His muscular arms hold a clip board. " Hi Liliana, its good to see you." Chad has had quite the crush on Liliana for a while now, He made sure her house was on his route. "We would really appreciate any donation for the children's hospital." As he flashes a friendly smile she asks him to step inside for a moment, hoping Carter stays hidden. She digs in her purse for a twenty dollar bill. As she is doing that Carter enters the room totally naked. Liliana lets out a slight gasp of embarrassment. Carter laughs and tells her not to worry. " He cant see or hear me."

"Is something the matter/" Chad asks. " No I'm fine, I just thought I saw something.

She retrieves the money and gives it to Chad. Chad awkwardly clears his throat and asks her if she would be interested in going to the firefighters ball in a few weeks. She starts to tell him no but Carter interupts her. "You better go to that ball with him." That man is in to you".

Liliana gives him a side eye as if to tell him she doesn't want to go. " You better go. Tell him yes!" Carter exclaims.

Liliana politely accepts Chads invitation. Chad is elated and writes down all the info on a card and hands it to her. They say their pleasant goodbyes and after she shuts the door, she asks Carter why he wanted her to go to the ball with Chad when they are in a relationship.

"Oh Liliana I can not stay here forever with you. I'm not of this world. I was only here to serve a purpose and that was to build your confidence and show you what a wonderful person you are and for you to start living again." Carter starts to put on some clothing.

" Wait! are you leaving now?" Liliana says in a panic. she cant bare the thought of not seeing him again.

"Oh no my sweet, not just yet but soon. I will stay a few more days but you must promise me that you will move forward in life. That Chad fella is your destiny.

Liliana and Carter spend the last few days talking and Carter giving her confident wisdom and making sure Liliana knows how special she is and to never lose site of that.

On Friday afternoon Chad calls to ask her out to dinner for Saturday. They end up talking on the phone for hours. They discover they have many things in common. Liliana finds he has a witty charm about him. When the phone call ends she notices that Carter is nowhere to be found. She looks for him all over the house but it is evident that he is gone. She doesnt feel sad for long, she goes to the dinner with chad and then the firefighters ball the next week. She has the best time with Chad whenever they are together. A year passes and Liliana and Chad get married in a beautiful garden ceremony. They day is perfect and now Lilana feels as if her life is perfect.

The End.

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