Chandrima Das

Chandrakant Mani

" We need an exclusive story Irshita, the thing that will attract people's eye, the audience will understand - something like that. Try to understand a little! If we continue like this, we will all have to sit on the road. Keep an eye on where the TRP is falling down day by day! Now there is nothing new to explain how much competition in the market! "

- " Yes ma'am....but.. "

- " Please! Don't try to defend yourself anymore! Giving you a week. Do something this week whatever you can. I want to see something new in the next episode of next week! " - after saying thank you Sandipana, the editor of ' Abhinava 7 ' channel, closed the door and left the room.

   After the editor left, the rest of them left the meeting room one by one. Irshita just sat quietly. She felt helpless. Biswasrush noticed the matter. He came to Irshita and said - " I have a headache, let's have a cup of tea or coffee. "

 " No thank you, I am fine. " - Irshita said in an upset voice.

- " I know that you are fine but I'm not. "

" So?? what should I do? " - Irshita replied in a slightly annoyed voice.

Then Biswasrush said in a serious voice - " Yesterday I gave you the treat, today it is your turn. Have you forgotten? "

Irshita looked in amazement and said in a low voice - " The purse is kept on my desk...come with me...I will give you the money. "

" No. I can't go with you to fetch money. I am waiting in the canteen " - Biswasrush went straight without looking anywhere.

There is no other way but to go to Irshita. Biswasrush is sitting at a table and was shaking his hand and said - " Sit down madam, I have ordered a strong tea and a toast for you too. "

- " But...."

- " Oh please! don't lose your head... "

Irshita sat quietly without saying anything. Her mind is already upset, she doesn't like to talk so much about it now.

With a sip of tea, Biswasrush said - " Look, you tried your best, you are still doing. It's not like that you don't cover a story. "

Irshita interrupted and said - " It is all the same not to do, nothing worked. Ma'am says all are unnecessary. "

- " listen, for a person who is not addicted to drugs in his life, for them, the drugs are unnecessary but for those who do, they have a huge necessity of it. So from that point of view, don't judge what is necessary and what is not. Actually, that's not the problem. The problem is somewhere else. "

Irshita asked curiously - " What's the problem then? "

- " The problem is that our society has become more judgemental. So there is nothing to comment on non - controversial events, but there is a huge critic on those that are quite controversial because people have a lot of fun with it. "

" Hm..you are right but in the meantime, what needs to be done " - Irshita said in a strong voice, " Do you have any idea? "

" That's what I am thinking " - Biswasrush answered after thinking for a while then said - " There is a place where you can get a story. "

Irshita asked curiously - " Where? "

- " In our neighbourhood. "

- " In your neighbourhood??! "

 " Hm, Birinchi kaku can help you. " - said Biswasrush.

" Birinchi kaku? means your uncle in the neighbourhood. " - she told.

- " Yes, his store of knowledge and experience is infinite even as he gets older. If you meet him, you may find the logistics of a beautiful episode of ' Golpo Holeo Satti '. "

- " Tell me when to go? Can we go today? "

- " No. Not today. We will go tomorrow. "

- " Okay. Tomorrow is final then. "

  Irshita has come to Biswasrush's house before. The aristocracy of their home in the AD block of Saltlake was no less than that of a nomadic house.

   Beyond Biswasrush's house at the end of the alley Birinchi kaku's house. He was a very primitive resident of that block.

" Uncle is very frank. So there is no pressure. I will start, then you keep saying. " - Biswasrush gave confidence.

- " Well "

  Birinchi kaku came out to the ring the doorbell. It had to be admitted that there was an aristocracy in a gentleman regardless of age.

- " How are you, Uncle? "

" I am always fit and fine " - he answered with a smile, " come on in ".

  As soon as they went inside, he looked at Irshita and said, " Yesterday Biswa gave me a hint. I will try to help you. "

   Irshita smiled.

" Will you have some tea or coffee? "

" No no.. " - both of them answered together.

The gentleman said happily, " Well, then take the juice. You have loved it. "

   Irshita was looking around the drawing-room while she drank the juice. From ' Patchitra ' of Kalighat to bamboo pens of Kerala, almost everything is in her house.

" Tell me, how can I help you? " - uncle asked.

 " Actually we have a segment in our channel named ' Golpo Holeo Satti '. We are looking for something unique. I heard you have a lot of different experiences. That's why I came. " - Irshita explained.

" Who is he? " - Biswasrush looked at the figure in a picture and asked.

Birinchi kaku looked at him and said, " lord Murgan, means our god Kartikeya. I picked it up when I went to Malaysia. "

- " Amazing beautiful figurines. "

- " Yes. But there was a story to go to the very place. "

 Hearing this, Irshita and Biswasrush sat down quite and concentrated.

The uncle started to tell the story - " One of my friends was Pratapadittya. He was an astrologer. He left this world several years ago. Their practice of astrology is form forefather. So, one afternoon he came to my house and put an old bundle of papers like a manuscript in from of me. I was shocked. Asked to say these belong from his grandfather. He just found it that day. I noticed in the papers, one of them was written in Sanskrit highlighted ' Chandrakant Mani '. The stone has infinite power. He did not recognise the stone and the thought of it has taken away his sleep. 

    Back then there was only book reliance. Google was not like now. I studied comparative literature and I was also interested in linguistics forms. So, I was able to find out that ' Chandrakant Mani ' is the Blue Moonstone. And its place of origin is in the peninsular region of Malaysia, but it was very rare. He asked me to be a partner in the campaign for linguistic help. I agreed without spending a word. After researching, I came to know that there are some supernatural things once seen like Chandrakant Mani in a district called Jeli and that was revered by the people of Jeli.

   Let me tell you, Jeli is located in the south of the state of Kelantan in the northern peninsula of Malaysia. The people of Jahai religion lived there. But the strange thing happened when I crossed the river Pergau in search of this Chandrakant Mani. A long way across the jungle I found a small settlement. Their language was very strange and unfamiliar. I tried a lot but couldn't understand. A friend of Jahai told me that only there was an opportunity to know what was the stone.

We had to return disappointed and Pratap went into depression. "

" Then? " - Irshita asked.

Birinchi Kaku sighed and said, " Then....have you heard of Clinomania? "

- " No "

" The desire to sleep more and more. It is a mental disorder. Pratap's frustration increased so much that he became infected with this disease. He did nothing, did not talk, did not smile. All the time just he used to look at the manuscripts. I tried to help him but to no avail. Then one day a heart attack and all was over. "

  He paused and began to speak again. " But I did not stop. I was trying to discover that unknown language. We have about 7000 languages in the whole world. Many of them have become extinct and some are on the verge of extinction. Losing a language group means losing a civilization, a culture. But I couldn't either reveal it."

" So that language is still unknown? " - Biswasrush asked.

" No, it was recently discovered in 2017. The name of the language is Jedek, the language of the Austro-Ethnic group. The speciality of the language is that - it has no alphabets, only some vocabulary. And sadly there are now only 280 speakers of this language. It means this language will not take long to become extinct. And not only this but also Ainu, the language of the Japanese island of Hokkaido, which has only two to fifteen speakers now. There are many such languages. "

" Got it " - Irshita said happily, " the store of your experience is really infinite. "

Then she thought for a while and asked - " but the Chandrakant Mani? "

" Have you heard the name of the blue pearl? Blue Moonstone is that " - Birinchi kaku replied.

" How did you know? " - Biswasrush asked in surprise.

Birinchi kaku smiled a little and went inside the room. Then he brought a box.

" Look " - he said.

As they opened the box, they were amazed, strangely beautiful. Pearls are shining blue inside the box.

" How? " - they asked with amazement.

Birinchi kaku suspiciously replied - " The rest is gradually revealed. "

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