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Terms of Service

Welcome to Storybaaz. Take a quick glance of the terms that is related to feature, services, technologies and software that we provide to you.

  1. Mission of Storybaaz platform

    Storybaaz is a platform to share stories, articles, poetry, real life events, biographies etc. This gives the people a opprtunity to experince something valuable to their life and get an idea of the past ,present and future of the world.

  2. Using Storybaaz platform

    1. Who Can Use it

      Use of the Storybaaz platform is allowed only above 15years of age. You should not be an age of minority in the jurisdistion you live in. Violation of the above must have the consent of the legal guardian and acceptance of this Agreement on your behalf and will take the foll responsibility of your use.

    2. Registration

      On the time of opening account on Storybaaz you will be asked to provide certain information about yourself.You agree to provide us authentic information. You should use your real name in this regard. We will consider the information you provide adhere our privecy policy

    3. Privacy Policy

      Please follow the Privacy Policy page to refer to the ruleset. We assume you agree the privacy policy while using this platform irrespective of user type.

    4. Acceptable Use Policy

      You must agree the Acceptable Use Policy every time you make an interaction with other users in Storybaaz platform

    5. Termination

      You can disable your account anytime from settings. However you can also disable or terminate you Storybaaz account if there are any violation found on Storybaaz policies. The same can be done for any other reasons also.

    6. Changes on Storybaaz Platform

      We are consitantly trying to improve your experience on Storybaaz platform.We can add or modify existing features without giving you any prior notice

    7. Feedback

      We encourage feedbacks from you to improve Storybaaz platform.You grant us the right to share or disclose your feedback as a whole without any compensation provided to you.

  1. Your Content

    1. What is Your Content

      Storybaaz gives you the opportunity to upload texts,photos,links and files to share with other users. All of these materials can be considard as your material. You acknowledge that on the basis of predefined rules set by you , your content may be visible to general public

    2. Ownership

      You or your licensor will retain the ownership of the copyright and other intellectual property in your content, subject to non exclusive right granted to us below

    3. License and Permission to Use Your Content

      1. An content you post on the Storybaaz platform grant us nonexclusive, worldwide, royalty free, fully paid up, transferable, sublicensable (through multiple tiers), license to use, copy, reproduce, process, adapt, modify, create derivative works from, publish, transmit, store, display and distribute, translate, communicate and make available to the public, and otherwise use Your Content in connection with the operation or use of the Storybaaz Platform or the promotion, advertising or marketing of the Quora Platform or our business partners, in any and all media or distribution methods (now known or later developed).
      2. Once you post a content you may edit or delete your content any time form public display. However you may not be able to help you removing it from the platform where it has been already posted and which is outside the Storybaaz platform.Once you post a content it may be edited by Storybaaz any time. Storybaaz has full right to copy,display,tansmitm,publish,perform,distribute, store, modify and sublicense those rights to others hence specified in this Agreement
      3. You agree that Storybaaz may store your content and disclose it and related information if required to do so by law (a) complying legal process, applicable laws or government requests (b) Enforce terms of services (c) Any claim that signifies your content violates the right of third parties (d) For resisting or encountering any fraud, security and technical issues (e) protect rights,prperty and personal safety of Quora ,its users or non related parties
      4. You know that we may modify,adapt, create derivative works from your content in order to transmit,display or distribute it over computer networks,mobile devices, service provider or any related electronics medias.We have the full right to refuse you content to publisha as whole any time
      5. You grant us permission to take action against any unauthorized use of your content outside of the Storybaaz platform
    4. Responsibilities you have for your content

      By posting your content on the Storybaaz platform you warrent and truthfull to us that 1)you have ownership rights or you took necessary permissions or license from related parties to use you content and grant us the rights to use your content as provided in this Agreement 2)If your content violates intellectual property or personal right of others or any applicable law or regulation you will bear the full responsibility. You also ensure that your content does not violate Storybaaz' Acceptable Use Policy,Copyright Policy, Trademark Policy or any other polices published on Storybaaz platform. You agree to pay all royalties, fees, and any other monies owed to any person by reason of Your Content.

  2. Contents that belongs to Us

    1. What is our Content

      All intellectual property in Storybaaz plat or related places that not only include to our software, Storybaaz logo. It does not consider your contents.But other users data will fall into this category.

    2. Data

      All data data Storybaaz collect about your and other user's usage are collectively considard as our data. It does not include your content

    3. What is our license to you

      1. We grant you limited access to our content while you use Storybaaz platform,subject to the terms and condition of this agreement.

      2. Storybaaz does not hold any royalty and you can re post our contents worldwide with revocalble,non-assignable and non-exclusive license But you need to consider the followings (a) Actual creator of the content does not have any objection on posting it in Storybaaz (b)You do not modify the content (c) Your content must specify the name Storybaaz in a human readable format and a navigatable hyperlink text which redirects you to the original source of the content in on every place you main-sectionour content. (d) Upon request either by Storybaaz or any other user you must remove the authorname if he want to be anonymous. (e)Upon request either by Storybaaz or any other user you must update your content in case of objection (f)Upon request either by Storybaaz or any other user you have to delete the content that has been already delete from Storybaaz platform (g) Your do not have the right to republish our material more than once and you dont specifically retain any connection, sponsorship or endorsement by Storybaaz or any Storybaaz user without any written permision.

  3. What is our license to you

    We grant you limited access to our content while you use Storybaaz platform,subject to the terms and condition of this agreement.

  4. Advertisements

    Storybaaz platform may include advertisement which may be targeted to the materials , posts, queries made available to you by Storybaaz platform. Types of advertisement are subject to change depending on the conditions.