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Storybaaz is one of the best online platform for write,review and share short book, articles on positive thoughts,informative posts,short interesting facts,science, marketing, wellness articles, novel reading,story writing and lots other good articles to read in different category. It is not only one of the best free article submission website with instant approval but also it provided options for on page seo with some simple steps. You can create group and share your creativity in a closed group. This website also allows you to publish your short stories, novels, poetry in different genres

Storybaaz is a place where people can share their own stories. Stories gives a great lesson to our life. We want to make this platform as a logbook of peoples experiences. The experiences that can contribute to our socity and peoples life. Not only a real life event, we want people to show their imaginations that can be visualized by readers mind and leave an impact.

Storybaaz provide you the content that can help you to understand the world, places , people and culture at differnet peiord of times. It not only create a clear perception of the things you are interested in it also make you feel happy to gather such diverse information without much noise. We also ensure that some stories are meant to share with specific group of people adhereing the secrecy of the author.