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10 Yoga for Premature Ejaculation That Can Help You Fight It

Yoga for Premature Ejaculation: Modern Lifestyle has created many unwanted complications in our lives, and premature ejaculation is one of them. Many men's are suffering from it and feel ashamed to talk about it. This situation mainly arises due to stress and anxiety at work and some wrong choices in life. But you can control it by changing some things in your daily life. Here are some Beneficial yoga for premature ejaculation that will help you control this condition and Increase your overall health. 

1. Paschimottanasana or Forward Bend 

 The forward bend is one of the most common yoga poses that you can easily do at home. This yoga pose strengthens your lower body muscle, pelvic muscles and increases the Blood flow in your body. To perform this yoga for premature ejaculation, sit down on the floor. Bring your legs forward, touch your toes with your hands, move your body forward, and try to touch your knees with your foreheads. Hold it as long as you are comfortable and return to the original position. Practice daily to see its results blooming.

yoga for premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction

2. Ashwini Mudra 

Ashwini mudra is the oldest and most effective yoga for premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Its effectiveness is known all over India. But in the many modern-day variations of Ashwini mudra have emerged, but results are the same for all the variations. The best time to perform Ashwini Mudra is in the morning, sitting down to your legs, hip above your toes and straight spine. Retract your anal muscles inwards and breathe normally. Hold for some time and return to your original position, and repeat. Ashwini Mudra is one of the best Premature Ejaculation Exercises you can do daily for excellent results.

3. Kumbhakasana or Plank 

Kumbhakasana or plank is the best way to provide strength to your lower and back body. Rest on your stomach and raise your body with the help of hands and toes to keep them along your shoulder and hip. Practice daily to get strong back and pelvic muscles.

4. Siddhasana

You can perform Siddhasana while meditating, and it will give you a double benefit with keeping your mind cool and increasing pelvic muscle control. Sit down in a Meditating position, bring your toes near your hip, lock them, and try to meditate. This position will create pressure in your pelvic floor area, and over time it will provide strength. Siddhasana is one of the easiest yoga for premature ejaculation cure and anxiety cure.

5. Dhanurasana Yoga or BOW Position Yoga

You can say by name that you have to take a position similar to a bow. But apart from its bizarre name and position, it is very helpful in reducing stress, improving posture, and one of the prominent premature ejaculation yoga poses. Do it empty stomach to get better results from these yoga poses.

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6. Garudasana or Eagle Pose

Garudasana is performed while standing on one leg, and it is Yoga asana that helps you balance your body weight and provides strength to your legs and core muscles. First, stand in a normal position, bend your right leg over your left leg, and lock it. Next, join your palms and first try to sit and then stand straight while maintaining the pose. This position will stretch your thigh, hip, pelvic muscle and back muscle. Next, repeat the process with opposite legs. 

Baddha Konasana yoga for premature ejaculation cure

7. Baddha Konasana or Butterfly Pose

Baddha Konasana is the best yoga for premature ejaculation and abdominal organs. It directly affects the Abdominal area of your body and increases the strength of your abdominal muscles. You may think it is a hard yoga pose, but in reality, it is a yoga pose that even kids will love to do. First, sit down on a yoga mat and bring your toes near your groin area while keeping the knees away from you. Now hold your toes and move your knees upward and downward. This motion will look like a butterfly flying and give a stretch to your abdominal area.

8. Pawanmuktasana

  Normally Pawanmuktasana is performed to strengthen stomach muscle and fat reduction from the belly. But it can also help in curing Pelvic muscle-related problems like prostate and Premature Ejaculation. Perform this yoga for quick discharge problems daily and observe the results. Lie down to your stomach and grab your knees and try to bring your shoulder near your knees, and return to normal position. Perform while your stomach is empty to avoid any complications.

Final Say About Yoga for Premature Ejaculation

You can perform the above-listed yoga for Premature Ejaculation easily at home. All that is required is determination and consistency in performance to get positive results in your body and performance. Share your thoughts and Views if we have missed any of the yoga poses.

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