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How pets help in reducing stress in life

Does pets owners, or interacting with pets inevitably reduces stress in the human body? According to author and radio host, Arden Moore, "There's something about the animal kingdom that possesses the ability for us to enjoy life a little better,".


Pets have been trained to easily understand human behaviors and emotions. When you take a dog, for example, you would notice that she can understand many of the words we use; she can easily interpret our tone, body language, and gestures. a loyal dog will look at your eyes and try to understand what you are thinking and feeling, to measure your emotional state; that's how much connectivity humans have with pets.


And there are so many health benefits associated with pets which inevitably reduces stress in the human body. For example, dogs can benefit your heart in two ways: they provide that antidote that relaxes the mind after long day stress, and they can easily encourage you to exercise, especially when the dog needs walking. And that will always prompt you to go for a walk rather than always staying at home.


Going further, scientists have found the list below to be true as regards the human association with pets and they are also some of the ways pets help to reduce stress in life.


Playing with a dog or cat can raise serotonin and dopamine levels which helps in calmness and relaxation.


Some folks with pets are thought to be lower pressured than non-pets owners, especially in a stressful situation. Even a case study proved that people with high blood pressure that go further in adopting pets have their blood pressure dropped significantly in a matter of few months.


Other discovery and scientific tests prove that :


Heart attack patients survive longer than patients without pets.


Pet owners over 65 years of age make 30% fewer visits to their doctor than those without pets


And these are of course because people with pets often enjoy the best health benefits. Also, watching fishes in an aquarium can help reduce muscle tension and pulse.


Another rewarding way to incorporate healthy exercises into your daily schedule is by taking a dog for a walk or run. Studies have shown that dog owners are far more likely to meet their daily demands for exercise, and that daily exercise is also beneficial to the animal. This also, will deepen the bond between you, eliminate most behavior problems in dogs and keep your pet fit and healthy.


Both children and adults can greatly benefit from pets, which turns out to be a source of calmness as well as stimulation for the brain and body. Playing with a pet can even be a learning curve for a child. It can stimulate the imaginary vision and curiosity power of children.


So, the ways listed above as just a few of the ways that human reduces stress by interacting with them. It's now a good healthy practice to always have either or few of your favorite pets at home to always build that relationship in pets that reduces stress.

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