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How do I get in touch with Icelandair?

Suppose you are doing online check-in of your Icelandair flight ticket, and suddenly an issue occurs, and after that, you cannot do the check-in process. In such a case, you should contact the customer service of Icelandair. You can get in touch with Icelandair in multiple ways. All the forms are easily accessible for you to resolve any of the Icelandair-related issues.

Email Option

  • Open your chosen email account.
  • Move to the “Compose” section to write about your issues.
  • Tap on the “Send” button to ask the customer representative for help.
  • You will get a reply with a suitable solution.

Phone Option

  • Take out your phone to dial the number of Icelandair customer service.
  • Pin your ears back to the IVR options.
  • Press the desired button on your phone to talk to the customer representative.
  • Once you connect with them, talk about your issues.
  • They will provide a perfect solution to you in a minimum time.

How do I contact Icelandair?

If you encounter any issue related to Icelandair, it will be better to connect with the customer service. The customer representative present there will resolve your issues in no time. To contact Icelandair Customer service, you need to choose among the available ways. There are specific ways by which you can resolve your issues with the help of Icelandair customer service. 

Phone Option

  • Launch the dial pad of your phone to place a phone call to the Icelandair customer service.
  • Once the call gets connected, you will perceive the sound of the IVR options.
  • The options will suggest your general inquiry, for which you need to press a particular number.
  • To speak to the customer representative, press the desired number.
  • The customer representative will connect with you over the phone.
  • They will ask for your query.
  • Explain your issues, and they will recommend a solution to you.

Live chat option

  • Go to the official web page of Icelandair on your chosen web browser.
  • On the home page, click on the “Support” option.
  • Under this option, hit on “Contact Us.”
  • At the bottom right of the web page, you will see an option of “Chat with Us.”
  • Click on this option, a box will open where you have to provide your credentials.
  • Now, hit the “Start Chatting” option.
  • The customer representative will communicate with you and resolve your issues immediately.

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