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Before Becoming People's Sexiest Man Alive

In an interview with People, Paul Rudd said he lacked confidence growing up. He started by joking about how some of his childhood photos would make the outlet revoke his Sexiest Man Alive title. Rudd told the outlet that in high school, he managed to make several friends without fitting into a particular group of people. And then he delved into the reasons for his insecurities, "I'm still having an awkward phase," he says. "Oh my God, puberty hit me like a Mack Truck. All of a sudden my hair got really curly, my skin would break out, I was self-conscious like anybody," he added.

"I took medicine and it made my lips dry out. It's a good look, it's a really good look." And Rudd wasn't kidding when he said he's still having an awkward phase. On "The Howard Stern Show," he recalled an awkward moment that took place near the end of "Friends." "It was an emotional experience, and they'd grown up together and been there together for 10 years on the show," he said. "I would just go over and join the embrace and go, 'Guys, what a ride, huh?'" But the joke didn't stick the landing, making things understandably uncomfortable.  

And he even shared how he managed to get over his insecurities as he grew older, "I think I've learned enough to know what's important, so I've become a little less concerned with some of the other trivial things," he expressed to People. 

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