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Kakashi Hatake: The Man Who Lost Everything

In the ninja world, those who break the rules are scum that's true, but those who abandon their friends are worse than scum

-Kakashi Hatake

Kakashi Hatake or more like Kakashi Sensei as Naruto loves to call him, the closet pervert is one of the most underrated characters in the Naruto universe who has a very tragic back story.

Kakashi Hatake lost this friend, lost the love of his life, lost his father, died once (if you could remember), even at the end lost his Sharingan, is truly a man who literally lost everything but never let the smile fade away from his face.

Kakashi Hatake was born in the Hidden Leaf, his mother unknown, father was Sakumo Hatake aka White Fang Of The Leaf, a ninja who was once powerful as the Sanin themselves. Kakashi had the abilities of a Chunin when he was 5 years old and later on joined the Anbu at the age of 12.

Kakashi's Misery

Kakashi was never like the rest of the students in his class. Not only he surpassed every one of the same age, but his mind was also pretty matured.

He never really cared for anything in his life. Although his father's death had a very crucial role to play at that, who was framed as a traitor for saving his friends and abandoning the mission. This forced him to take life on a serious note as if he was running away from it.

Kakashi's Misery Naruto

A Tincher Of Hope

The greatest change in Kakashi's life came when he became a part of the four-man squad, Minato Namikaze as the team leader, Rin Nohara and Obito Uchiha as his comrades. This led him to leave his former self and started to care for them. But soon enough Obito Uchiha lost his life by the hands of fallen rocks, gave Kakashi his Sharingan as a dying gift and later on Rin killed herself by the hands of Kakashi's lightning blade at the hope of freeing her life from being two tail's Jinchuriki.

So, just at the age of 12, Kakashi lost his father, his friend and as others say his lover.

Rin Nohara Naruto

Darkness Surrounds

After this incident, Kakashi joined the Anbu Black Ops, where he showed coldheartedness and ruthlessness. Although led him climb up the ranks real quick. This, later on, called up for more tragedy into his life. When the village was attacked by the Nine-Tails Fox, he lost this Mentor in this process. As we all know, Minato and Kushina were killed that day in the process of saving Naruto. Later on when Kakashi was appointed as the third Hokage's right hand. He lost him too. Again at the end, he lost his last hope, the Sharingan by the hands of Madara Uchiha. If you think that's all there is to it, then you are wrong.

Minato Kushina Naruto


Kakashi's story is that of resiliency and that of teamwork and hardship too. What I think is that these are the two things that motivated the Copy Ninja the most. At first his firm belief into his own abilities and then later on that of his friend's. Kakashi's story should always be a motivation not only in the Naruto universe but also for the real world.

So, what do you guys think about it? Isn't Kakashi's story a touchy one. Well, I was moved at the 1st time when I completed the Naruto Manga. Let me know in the comment section below. What are your opinions regarding Kakashi Hatake?

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