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Japanese Manga VS Western Comics, hard choice for a reader

Japanese Manga VS Western Comics, hard choice for a reader
Have you ever given thought to the idea of looking right and right at the same time? It's not possible at all. Isn't it so?  Well, Naruto can surely do that. But today we are also trying to do the same, achieving the impossible. Japanese Manga and Western Comics are more or less like the two great religions which have completely divided the world into two parts. Maybe there are some people who enjoy both, but most people are completely biased with their preferences.
How are we exactly go to do this versus battle? It's pretty simple. We will be seeing the similarities and differences between them from every aspect, then it will be up to your consideration, whom you are going to make the winner.

1) The main similarity between them is that both of the Japanese Manga and Western Comics run on a regular basis, although there are some differences in their publication, which I will be talking about in a minute.

2) Trust me when I will be telling you this, apart from the 1st similarity, there is nothing more to it. The only thing that can come up to my mind is their bigger fan followers, where each could be compared to that of a religion.

Now we are getting at the bottom neck of it, where all of your questions would be answered, maybe even you could get to know some of the new facts regarding Manga & Comics.

1) The first and foremost difference is that Mangas are printed with cheap papers in Black & White colors while on the other hand Comics are far more sophisticated when it comes to their printing. They are mainly Colour printed in quite expensive photo-papers.

2) Another difference is that what we get from a Manga is 80 pages of complete work per month, while on the other hand, comics are only that of 22-32 pages, yet their creators fail to publish on a regular basis.

3) Does anyone know, how many genres of Manga are available to us? The number is freaking 50. And what are we get from a Comic? It's mainly Action Thriller. Here I don't need to tell you anything, the number is doing all the talking.

4) One aspect at which, the Manga falls behind the Comics is regarding their audience retention. Just think about it for a second, have you ever wondered how all it has been that Naruto or Dragon Ball is running for? Surely Masashi Kishimoto did a great job of discontinuing Naruto and Starting Boruto, keeping all the Naruto characters intact, but still think about western comics, which surely has an end to it.

Apart from all the similarities and differences, can't we all agree to the fact that we all love to live in a fantasy world whether we find it in Manga or Comic. Surely we all have our differences along with the fact, that some might prefer Manga over the Comics or vice versa. Yet it's all about just enjoy yourself. So, for today's versus battle, there's no real winner. It's just up to you whom you are going to prefer over the other.

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