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How to Fix a Computer that Would not Boot Up

One of the most common problems among computer users is facing booting issues whenever they try to restart their computer. Well, it’s not a big deal as thousands of computer users confront this issue on a daily basis or often due to plenty of possible reasons. It is almost difficult to say that what would be the main reason behind this error as there might be any software or hardware issue due to that you are getting this problem. But there are lots of troubleshooting steps that can help you to fix the computer not booting issue in a very simple and quick manner.

Quick Steps to Resolve Computer not Booting Issue

Check the cables

You should check the power cables and other connected USB cables in your monitor, computer, and other things. You can also replace a faulty one and then check whether your computer is booting or not.

Check the BIOS settings

You should check the BIOS settings in order to ensure that your computer is properly configured for booting from the optical drive. If the BIOS settings seem incorrect, then you can update it with the correct one.

Check for hardware

You can also check a problem against the hardware in your computer because if there is any kind of hardware problem, then you may also get such kind of problems with your computer.

Start in Safe Mode

You can try to start your computer in safe mode that can help you to resolve the varied technical issues including the booting issues.

By following the above-described steps, the computer not booting issue can be resolved in a very simple and quick manner. But in case you are still confronting this issue, then you can directly contact the support team of computer for the immediate solutions on every single issue.

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