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8 best things you can certainly marvel at in Alleppey

The fabled backwater city of Kerala is the Indian version of Venice Alleppey. In Alleppey, there are many other things, besides cruising on the scenic backwaters. With its different charms, Wonderland offers you countless opportunities to delight you in the blissful nature first-hand experience. There are many activities worth trying from an elephant rendezvous, a spa relaxation, a relaxing houseboat or a relaxing time in the traditional village.

1. Fly in your houseboat cruise along the water.

Two inseparable things are Alleppey and backwaters. Tourists from all over the world want to add backwater houseboat cruises to their bucket list in Alleppey. Plan a romantic date on your honeymoon in India with your beloved. It is simply irresistible that we stay on the 'kettuvallams,' as they call it. Enjoy the leisure of cruising through a distinguished canal network. Give your eyes a fascinating panorama of the paddy field spread through vast greenery and soul-filling.

2. Get full relaxation and massages Ayurvedic

Alleppey's Ayurvedic therapies are one of the best monsoon destinations in India and offer incredible benefits through the Monsoon and Winter seasons. Soak up your weariness in the happiness of specially prepared medical and herbal oils. Furthermore, the Ayurvedic massage is one of Alleppey's must. You definitely need to include it on your route to reduce stress, body pain, anxiety, etc. These Ayurvedic massages are suitable for city travellers and are known to cure chronic disorders effectively.

3. Spend some time on Marari Beach with your family

Take some time at Marari beach for 'me' or family time. One of Alleppey's best things to do is to unfold in a while. This is one of the delights of the Malabar coast, ideal for photography. It is certainly an experience to cherish, blessed by golden sand and clear water. Take part in a number of beach water sports. Furthermore, your Indian beach breaks are unforgettable with spectacular sunrise and sunset views.

4. Start your holy journey into the Temple of Ambalapuzha.

The Ambalapuzha Temple is dedicated by Lord Krishna, well-known as the 'Dwarka of the South.' The shrine, decorated with wonderful wall pictures, is one of Alleppey's must-see places. At the time of the famous Ambalapuzha Temple festival, devout people don't miss a chance to throng the temple. Pay a visit to find all-powerful blessings. Spend some time in the small pond feeding the fish. If not for the Divine bliss, the porridge offered as 'Prasad' will surely be visited again.

5. Cheer the Snake Boat Race to your favorite contestant

In August there was a demand for Alleppey houseboat tours. That's the very famous reason – the Boat Race Nehru Trophy. Held on the second Sunday in August, the race will be held for several sports enthusiasts and photographers. It is worth witnessing the enthusiasm of participants and leaders. You can still see the practise session of the race if you missed the actual boat race. In the offbeat season, you can also have a rendezvous with the rowers.

6. Kalaripayattu watch martial artists

Kalaripayattu is a former Indian martial art that originated in Kerala. In the city, there are many training centres that help you learn the technique. Don't miss the opportunity to learn about this exciting form of art. You can choose to use the therapy Kalaripayat as a relaxing massage for martial artists in order to make this experience unforgettable.

7. Adoor Gajamela Testimony

The hypocritical Adoor Gajamela is a festival held in Kerala for 10 days. The Fiesta is the host of a lively parade featuring over 100 beautifully decorated elephants. Take a look at the rider who sits on his back with an attractive umbrella for the elephant. The great creatures are decorated with valuable ornaments and jewels. The view is certainly attractive. Attending the gala along with other festivals is the major highlight of the Alleppey travel guide.

8. Enjoy your day on exotic bird species

Birdwatching is especially favourite among all activities in Alleppey. Find the world's finest and rarest birds. You can find everything from White-Throated, Black Drongo and Stork Billed Kingfish, to Jungle Myna to Asian Palm SWIFT. Alleppey backwaters are ideal for capturing certain candid images of rare migratory birds. Don't forget your DSLR or binoculars to take a closer look at the incredible life of birds here.

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